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Hi, I’m Revital Kremer.

I work with Venture Capital firms and startup CEOs to launch businesses, help them grow, and increase profitability through 360-degree strategy, marketing, and business development.

​I invite you to join my WhatsApp groups, my lectures and accelerators, my workshops and the variety of clients who work closely with me.

Let's bridge the knowledge gaps, build proven work plans and implement ythe best strategy in the fastest way, to earn more from ventures in general, and from managing your startup or career, in particular.

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I Can Help You

Grow Your Career

How do we continue from here?

Personality diagnosis - strengths, personality and professional profile, communication style and decision-making
Building a personal-professional vision
Adapting the workplace to your personality
Understanding the industry in depth
Examining the options in the market
Locating the professional career path
Building personal branding for the chosen route
Team up with key players for your new role

A short and focused process of several meetings.

Let's talk and check a match

Launching A New Venture

Personal work with first-time entrepreneurs

Adapting the Lean-Startup model to your business
Validation of the idea and the product in the market - product market fit
Examining your business model
Building a product together with the customers (Customer Discovery and MVP)
Setting up an operation, finances and teams
Joining design partners for a common POC
Vision, marketing strategy and secrets
Personal branding and online presence
Building all the marketing tools


Hourly or project-based work.
Let's talk and check a match.

We Have A Startup

Increasing profitability and all-around work


​Market analysis, competitors, trends and value proposition
Financial review, pricing and building a business model

Vision, messages, marketing strategy
Branding, online presence, digital management 
An investment strategy and tools for investors
A multi-channel GTM strategy
Hands-on marketing management
Team building


Retainer in your office, working with the entire team.

Let's talk and check compatibility.



About Me

I've always been driven by a passion for making things better.

Whether it was during my time in high school, the army, or university, I've continuously sought out opportunities to create positive change.

With a diverse background encompassing marketing, strategy management, operations, finance, and more, I bring a well-rounded perspective to the table. I wholeheartedly embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, constantly searching for fresh growth opportunities and innovative solutions.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with over 300 startups and companies spanning various industries. My primary focus has always been on enhancing profitability and fostering continuous growth.

I've held the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) twice, both in Shanghai, China, and at a successful fintech startup. Additionally, I've gained valuable experience as a Marketing Manager at Keshet Broadcasting TV and as an Operations Manager in an AI startup, where I oversaw human resources and PNL management.

As the founder of three private companies and a certified mentor for early-stage startups, I'm deeply passionate about supporting fellow entrepreneurs. Alongside my professional pursuits, I also deliver lectures on entrepreneurship at universities in Israel and actively participate in building accelerators for early-stage ventures, assisting them in their fundraising endeavors.

In my consulting role, I work closely with VCs, CEOs, and founders, providing personalized guidance and hands-on training in strategy, marketing, and operations. I am dedicated to collaborating side by side with my clients, actively engaging in their growth journey.

With an MBA in strategy, politics, and government, as well as a Bachelor's degree in East Asian studies (Chinese) and philosophy, I bring a solid educational foundation to my work. Additionally, I've served as an Infantry and Engineering Training Planning Officer in the Operations Division of the Land Arm in the IDF.

David Debash, GP @ Sarona Partners

I had the pleasure of working closely with Revital as a strategic and marketing consultant at Sarona Partners. I wholeheartedly endorse Revital for her exceptional professional abilities and exceptional interpersonal skills. Revital not only supported us in refining our vision and goals, but also expertly crafted a comprehensive marketing work plan that perfectly aligned with our objectives. Her strategic thinking and in-depth knowledge of our industry were critical to our success. What truly distinguishes Revital is her exceptional ability to connect with and effectively communicate with all team members. Furthermore, her strong interpersonal skills were critical in the successful hiring of an excellent permanent marketing manager.
Revital's experience, knowledge, and excellent communication skills were invaluable to our organization. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a results-driven strategic and marketing consultant who excels at fostering collaboration and achieving outstanding results.

  Ran Reytan, CEO @ TAO Technology

As TAO’s founder & CEO, I had the pleasure of working with Revital while she served us as a strategy and Marketing consultant.
Revital is a great person to
work with: highly professional with strong inter-personal skills. Her marketing knowledge and experience played a pivotal role in our success outside of Israel.
Thanks to Revital we have now a solid brand with distinctive products in the market, different way of pricing and new tools for targeting our potential clients.
We are more focused now on the way our brand should appear in different medias and we know how to do it right.
I warmly recommend Revital to any company seeking a senior marketing executive with super-strong abilities to change and develop brands before entering new markets.

CEO In A Role Change

Revital helped me transition from my role as an entrepreneurial CEO to a new career. 
I went to her when I didn't have any mental energy left. We tried to figure out why I wasn't happy doing it despite the successes and  fundraising.
I started down a new path after we determined my professional passion and core strengths.

Nothing in my life has remained the same after just four meetings; I've quit my CEO jobs, started studying, moved apartments, and am now working on developing products that reduce the impact of climate change.

Thank you Revital for the inspiring and transformative process


At Kremer Ventures, we specialize in buying patents and technologies, transforming them into profitable businesses.

We strategically fix companies that aren't making money and help them turn things around. Additionally, we provide extensive support to venture capitalists, assisting them with marketing strategy, fundraising, and building a stronger portfolio.

We're committed to empowering VCs with the tools and expertise they need to achieve success. With our global accelerators and comprehensive services, we're here to unlock the power of Israeli patents and technologies, turning ideas into thriving enterprises.

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Work With Me

Supporting New Entrepreneurs

You have a fantastic idea, you've done some research, and now it's time to advance it. But how exactly do you do it?
How do you determine whether it is worthwhile to invest your time and money in it?
How do you examine the marketplace?
How do you go about dating?
How do you find investors and where does the money come from? What available programs are there?
How can you set up a meeting so they want to meet you?
How can you begin creating a product with little investment to test its viability?
How can you cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and locate the appropriate resources to handle everything?

Strategy & Marketing Management

Consulting for startups that are building a marketing department for the first time:
Marketing strategy and infrastructure from scratch or from an existing situation to profitability
Product-Market-Fit Process - Product-Market-Fit Process
Building commercial models and pricing
Building marketing messages divided into segments and personas - Product Marketing
Vision and branding processes - Branding & Vision
Product and company branding for customers, investors and employees - Employer Branding
Building collaborations with Design Partners
Entry into new markets - GTM - International Expansion
Locating strategic partners, growth engines and opportunities
Building goal-based marketing plans
Execution of the marketing plan - Hands-on Marketing (B2B, B2C)

Personal Consulting To Executive

Personal consultant for managers to increase effectiveness of corporate management, strategy, and growth

Individual support for managers transitioning to new roles or fields

creating an agenda for personal and professional growth based on individual strengths

Creating a strong digital presence and developing a personal brand

Lectures & Workshops For Organizations

Lectures for entrepreneurship tracks are accompanied by recent examples
The various forms of entrepreneurship, the advantages and disadvantages of each, the entrepreneurial gene, barriers for women who want to start companies, and current case studies for studying successful business models.

Workshops for managers, professors, and professionals on how to create a strong personal brand on LinkedIn
The quickest way to create a creative profile, using search terms, creating a strong network, and creating and scheduling marketing content with AI tools.

Utilizing AI tools to produce better marketing results while saving time and resources

Get in Touch

Herzeliya, Israel

revital.kremer(at)  /  Tel. +972-54-5559010

"The only way to win is TO LEARN FASTER than anyone else".

Eric Ries

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